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Thread: How do I know if my RSVR has the updated swingarm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rsvrick View Post
    You're lucky Alex, I've been told that they are no longer available in the US.
    I think I am very lucky & am grateful to Aprilia. From what I understand they are still legally obliged to replace them in the UK. The dealer reported 4 or 5 having been done this year and I know of at least another two being done through the AP performance website. Realistic options gor the US guys is to fit a later swingarm from a breaker (lol). I assume they fit.

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    I had a patch welded over mine so I could ride a track day. it worked fine, until my replacement swing arm showed up. The dealer had already seen it and it was ordered. I had the crack welded so I could get it home as I was 350 miles from home on a ride up to the Dragon. It was fine for a bit then cracked again. Both of my RSVR 2004's cracked. The both were around 20,000 miles. New swing arm works just fine.

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