It was a blast! Lots of neat new stuff!

I got to sit on a Caponord and an Atlantic 500 (both very nice, though the caponord is a bit high in the seat for short little me). Confirmed that the Caponords are almost at the dealers, just sometime mid next month they say.

I also got to see Troy Corsers Mille! And the Valentino 'peace and love' 250! They were both very cool looking, and very talked about bikes! I was impressed with the Mille, the carbon fiber on it looked like it was made by an artist, not just an engineer. It was great to see a major part of aprilia history there!

They also had a cutaway Mille R, very interesting to peer into.

Got to check out the streetfighter SLfalco kit, very slick! Also, confirmed that there are absolutely no changes with the R tag on the new Falcos. The Falco R has a darkened frame, black wheels, and two tone paint. Thats it, not a single bolt fancier. But oh well, at least they aren't trying to charge more for it, in fact, they lowered the price by 300$!

Whew, what else? Buell's new XB9R Firebolt is pretty sweet. LOTS of changes make it a promising alternative to the unique, but sort of clunky Buells we know. Jap bikes are cool, as usual, but also pretty 'run of the mill' nothing that made me go 'oo oo oo, oohh i want i want i want'. The hayabusas were nice though.

The harley V-Rod was interesting. I'm not into the whole cruiser thing, but if i was, i might be drooling

I won a hat for guessing the Aprilia RS3 as the coolest new bike (as decided by the guy doing the impromptu little contest (not an aprilia guy, btw, just an announcer)).

I sat on a million bikes, enjoying the fact that they encourage sitting on them, and rolling them back and forth, and bouncing on them, instead of dealers who barely want you touching them unless they thing you're gonna buy!

I also bought an Arrow helmet, very nice, flip up style full face, very good for one with glasses like myself. It was only 200$, show price, very yellow, and made in italy! If i'm not going to have a jap bike, i'm not gonna have no jap helmet. actually, shoeis and arais are probably slightly better helmets.. but i'm not racing, and the comfort, style, and price was right on this Arrow!

Anyway, just wanted to relay all the fun I had!