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Thread: Just picked up 05 RSVR

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    Just picked up 05 RSVR

    Hi all new here.

    Just got back to work after picking up new 05 RSVR. 40 miles on A roads back keeping rpm below 6000 (not) was superb. Turned so easily compared to GSXR 1000 k2 it replaced.
    Looking forward to the ride home.

    Regards Darren

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    nice 1 mate good to see your got the v-twin bug

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    Welcome to a new world. Enjoy yourself
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    Congrats! I've had my 04 about six weeks now and have over 1200 miles on her. I'm sure you'll be extremely happy.
    ~ Roger
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    Congratulations. I remember what a great feeling that was. Even though I've ridden bikes all my life I was a little intimidated by my '04 at first. Mostly it was the torque difference relative to the 2-stroke RS250 I'd been riding the last 4 years. 4-Strokes in general spooked me for this reason.

    Still, I rode the Factory a lot, but always gently (much respect). Then one day, I couldn't resist, and felt I'd held back long enough. I sat at the light waiting for it to change, wondering what it was going to be like. Was I going to fall off the back?

    The light changed green, and I accelerated away smoothly and did a low wheelie across the intersection. I hit second and did another moderate wheelie. Neither time had I fully gassed it, just more than I'd ever done before. Inly made it to 3rd before I was over 100mph, and coming up to another stoplight.

    I was actually looking forward to stopping, only so I could launch again, this time a little harder than the last one. This bike ROCKS. As soon as I figured out how to not freak out over the massive amounts of torque I was able to fully enjoy it. I still have a mild fear of falling off the back of it though - especially above 150MPH.

    RZ Rob
    PS: I haven't really ridden the 2-stroke much since. When I did, it seemed gutless.
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