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Thread: Contact enhancer

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    Not sure if this will bee of use to many, but I've found DeoxIT D5 to be fairly good and it's a lot cheaper, try here:

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    I just used the Stabilant on a very reluctant car speedo connections and it in fact worked wonders. Amazon, $40.00 for as stated previously 15ml diluted. VERY little is needed. I will try on RR connections as I still have stock connectors (great shape) with added wire to fuses (cleaned, 14.6 idle, 14.2 4k) it will be interesting to see if there's a change to begin with and if it holds up with the oil that tends to show up in connections.
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    Has there any new information on this subject? I'm trying to eliminate any and all problems with the charging system while checking and cleaning the connectors.

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    I used it for years to treat connectors after hitting them with Deoxit. I think it worked very well as I had few problems with electrics.
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