Lately I see more and more people posting things they have for sale in other forums (besides) the Buying/Selling forum.

This kinda "forcing" to make people read ads is very annoying. You know you also hate it when people start trying to sell you stuff you're not interested in.

So don't force your own "for sale" stuff to other forum members.

We have a special section for everyone to place any For Sale and Wanted ads.

Don't cluther the board more as needed and be polite to your fellow forummember.

Anyone who will contiue to do so will get a warning the first time (and no excuses that you didn't see the sticky. Common sense people!)

2nd time whoever will get you a temporary ban, how long depends on my mood, but the 3rd time, well, you can start thinking of a new username)

i.e. you'll get a permanent ban.

EDIT [ 17 dec. 2004 ]

I will no longer move buying/selling posts and leave the original with a redirect, since this will keep the title of buying/selling in the wrong forums and is in benefit of the buyer/seller.

You are very welcome to buy/sell stuff here, but don't go spread it around like a virus.

It's almost like spam. Now you know you hate it when you need to go sift through all your emails, trying to find the good ones in between all the spam.

So don't do the same by forcing other people to view your advertisements.

Thank You.