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Thread: Turn Signal Flashing Too Fast...

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    Turn Signal Flashing Too Fast...

    Recently I replaced the stock turn signals with Lockhart Phillips. This has caused the signals to flash too fast. Can anyone help me solve this problem?

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    Well, I haven't done this to my bike, but I can tell you what is wrong. Basically the new bulbs don't have the same level of resistance as the old. So the relay is getting a different signal. It is the same as when you remove a bulb from the circuit. The level of resistance is less, so the bulbs still connected flash faster.

    If you new what level of resistance you need, you could simply put a resistor on each circuit to solve the issue. But I have now idea what size resistor you'd need. Resistors are very cheap. You could get what you need from Radio Shack for under a buck.

    Or your find a replacement bulb for the new signals that has the correct level of resistance. But they would cost more than the resistor.


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