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Thread: passenger on board???????

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    passenger on board???????

    im about 11 stone and my mate sat on the back and he is about 13 stone and the back sunk right down is this normal,nearlly touching the mud guard .ive got a 2001 rs125

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    preload is set too soft, factory settings wont make u and ur mate sink to the rear hugger so it must be softer. get a 27mm spanner and spin the nut on the top of your rear shock a fair few turns and it wont sink, if u get it rite the handling will se not bad. if its that soft u may want to make it a bit harder anyways just for u to ride it, u will be able to corner better without the back compressing too much or even bouncing. hope that helps

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    Re: preload

    thanks ill try that

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