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Thread: First Track Day on the 125cc at PIR

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    First Track Day on the 125cc at PIR

    It was alot of fun. I took my Cagiva Mito w/ me to the track. I couldn't believe how far I can lean that bike over. I am still not scraping knee, but I think I am not hanging off the bike far enough. I was in the "C" group since I am not a very fast rider.

    One thing that really surprised me was the amount of liter bikes that were out there. My "C" group consisted of 85% liter bikes. I was very happy after the lunch break because we were then allowed to pass on the outside. Before the lunch break I had people speeding up to pass me on the straights and then braking hard in front of me for the turn. Then I would have to follow them slowly through the turns because I wasn't allowed to pass.

    The coolest part of the day was when I was out there w/ a Honda RS125 and an Aprilia RS250. Those bikes were faster in the straights but I pasted them on the outside in the turns. But, later in the lap, I was black flagged for passing the RS125 on the inside. Basically it was a "don't do that in the "C" group warning". Both the RS125 and RS250 were so wide that it left a huge hole in the inside. I thought the RS250's would be alot faster in the straights then what the guy was actually going. The RS125 had at least 10 more horse power then my 125. He was easily going over 115mph down the straights where I could only hit 100mph.

    I also came to the conclusion that the instructors are really fast. The only time I got past in the corner was by an instructor on a R1. He got really close to me on the turn and powered that baby out of the corner. Little to close for my liking.

    Overall it was really fun and I recommend to everyone. Best $150 I ever spent.

    I swear I am going to kill the next idiot that passes me right before the braking zone.

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    Key Walshe

    Sounds like great fun! Not had the chance to get mine out on the track and I don't think I'd want to, I like it as it looks now and I know what I'd be like out there and get too carried away and end up in the gravel sumwhere <img src= ALT=":\"> hehe

    Glad to see you're still enjoyin life with the Mito, are you not yearning for anything bigger yet like an Rs250 or does the 748 still offer that extra grunt if needed?

    All the best

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    I would sell the 748 if I could find a street legal RS250 here. I haven't taken the 748 to the track yet, but I might come July 16th. The 748 just seems like a tank compared to the Mito. I know I am alot slower on the 748 then I am on the Mito too.

    But the biggest surprise was the RS250 that was on the track with me. I would of thought those would be alot faster in the straights.

    I thought about maybe selling the Duc and picking up a VFR400 as a track bike. I need a lot more practice before I can even get anywhere near the edge on the Duc.

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    dont forget you have no idea how hard they were trying!

    the guy on the 250 may not have been pushing that hard, you'd be suppried how many ppl are scared to use full throttle on their bikes.(even on the straights)

    your obviously just alot better than most people in the group you were in!

    btw you can get your knee down almost upright, but dont bother trying it'll just happen. if you try you'll just come off. basically hang off alot (it feel alot more most times than it is!) hang off so your nuts are inline with the edge of the tank (or one full arse cheek) move your upper body the same. Put your toes on the peg and twist the heal of your foot in at the back which sticks your knee out more.

    in the end all you'll do is hang off with your knee soft of half arsed stcking out and still get it down. Whats you've done it a few times it is a bit, of a let down. better not to stick it out too far then use it as aguide as too when you are nearly off the sides of the tires.

    To stop em coming past just ease off the brakes a bit when you see them come up the inside and then turn accross em.

    BUT make sure they aint gona t-bone you!!!!

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