1965 Vespa SS180, Denver, CO


I posted this a couple of years ago, but after one day deleted the posting. Couldn’t let her go. But now, it’s time to say goodbye. Would love to find Betty White a good home. I put a lot of work into her, and she drives great.

Clean title. Originally imported from Austria by a friend, who later sold it to me. The paint is original and left un-changed. It has minor dents, scuffs, etc…, and the exterior has not been restored by choice. I want an old scooter to look old (but run like new). It is all minor and cosmetic, but with a little dent work, and a paint job, could look new if that’s what you are into.

Pretty much turns right over on the first few kicks after not running for a long time, and after a full tune from Jet 200 Performance (honing the cylinder and a new cylinder head/rings, as well as a carb clean-out), purrs like a kitten.

The clutch has been rebuilt so the shifts are as smooth as butter.

New crank shaft, kick-start gear and seals.

The only minor running issue is after it warms up (20-30 minutes or so of running perfectly), and then turned off to sort of cool-down, it has a tendency to not want to idle when started again. According to Jet 200, it is a fairly common issue and shouldn't be hard to pinpoint, but I just don't have the time to take care of it right now and don't live near J. Could be the gas line needs a little insulation wrapped around it, a new HT Coil (~$20 probably), or simply a bit more fine-tuning in the carb. Everything else on the scooter is in tip-top shape. I’ll leave that last repair up to the buyer. The engine, etc… is running perfectly, so all major systems are awesome.

It’s a 52 y/o bike, so you should expect issues like this pop-up from time-to-time, but it is a rare model and has a ton of work poured into it, so you will love this scooter, and all major upgrades have been made.

Work that has been done on it in the last 5-7 years:

• New wheels (only a few hundred miles on them)
• New struts
• Electronics upgrade
- Upgraded to 12v (brighter lights, easier start, better idle)
- Electronic ignition
• Full bottom-end restoration (2015)
- New crank shaft
- New kickstart gear
- New seals
- Rebuilt clutch with new cork plates
- New cylinder head (cylinders bored and fitted by Jet 200)
- Full tune by Jet 200 in early 2017

A couple videos I took of the scooter:

Sad to let her go, but happy if she finds somebody who will ride her more than I have time to.


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