Hi All,

MIU Throttle body;

So after messing around trying to find the cause of my stalling at low idle which then turned into some pretty poor running at low engine speed I bought a new throttle body. Cleaning the bypass airway and the throttle body as a whole a couple of times didn't solve the problem and nothing else I'd done to that point solved it either so I bit the bullet and bought one. It seems to have cured the bulk of my issue, still seems a bit slow idling but maybe it's my nervousness about stalling as it had been.
What I'd really like to know is if it is essential that the I do the throttle position reset now I've fitted a new one because the manual doesn't make it clear if it's essential or not. It does say it's the only time you should do it due to wear on used ones but I don't really see what it achieves if it is set at the factory. Advice would be appreciated on whether I should ignore that and just use it or if it needs to be done, or most worryingly if I could ruin a new unit by doing it despite the manual saying so.
What I do think is that if I'm going to I need to do it quickly whilst it is new and has just a handful of miles use.

Something to note is that the supplier had to order it in and they advised they'd been told that no more were going to be made, hopefully this just means it's being superseded again rather than discontinued as there must be huge numbers out there in various branded scooter e.g vespa, piaggio, derbi etc


My speedometer had also been playing up for a while and worked sometimes and other times not, also it would occasionally jump around the gauge whilst riding. I finally decided to order the new sensor/pick up but as it seemed a waste of money when it is so inaccurate only did so after finding a way to make it more accurate. A bit of research and I decided to buy the HealTech Speedo Healer and connect it in between the pick up and gauge at the connector. Having done this I bought a GPS speedo as a temporary fit on the front to use to try and calibrate it and I've eventually settled on a setting of negative 12.5%. So it is effectively reducing the signal from the pick up to the dashboard by 12.5% constantly. I'm going to persist with keeping an eye on it to see how it is at higher speeds, currently I haven't really maintained a speed above 50mph as my journey to work doesn't give me the opportunity so there could be room for a few decimal places of further adjustment once a higher speed is attained for a prolonged period to observe the accuracy better.


The baffles are rattling around loose in my standard exhaust and it looks a tired old component. I decided to buy the Akrapovic slip on for it. I discovered that it is discontinued so after a bit of searching found someone with one in stock and had it shipped from Greece to the UK. I've since discovered there's someone about 5 miles away from me selling one on ebay but I saved money so it was worth the wait. I look forward to the deeper exhaust tone and additional power.

Ultimately I've decided that my intention is to keep it for a good while longer having already owned it from new in 2011 so decided to spend some money on it. I've also ordered some replacement stickers that have blistered in the sun, serviced and MOT'd it recently. Replaced my tracker, (the built in battery failed and replacing it didn't get it working again)