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Thread: 2008 RSV 1000 R, but...

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    2008 RSV 1000 R, but...

    Hi everyone. Iíve just joined the forum. Iím hoping that there are some Aprilia experts out there who can help me figure out what Iím looking at. I was just at a bike night gathering and I met a guy with a 2008 RSV 1000 R, which according to what Iíve found was the base model for that year. But this guy's bike had the paint scheme from the 2006-2007 RSV Mille R Bol D'or.

    I checked the VIN and it is clearly a 2008 model. Does anyone know if they actually made a Bol D'or replica for 2008 as well, or is it probable that someone tried to swap out the body work to make it look like the Bol D'or version?

    That, and Iím wondering what comments you guys may have for using this same bike as a track bike. Iíve read somewhere else that the slipper clutch on the 2008 RSV 1000 R is nor really made to survive trackday work.

    Any thoughts and and comments on these items will be very much appreciated.



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    The standard clutch can handle anything you can dish out at a track day. Many of us here have used them on track from the earliest models to the last produced models.

    I am sure there are some threads here about it but as far as I know the Bol D'or bike is just a paint job on a standard RSVR. Nothing special otherwise except to people who really like the paint job. Don't know the year.
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    KZ's right about the clutch. It'll take what you throw at it. The APRC vacuum assist slipper is made for track days. Less rear wheel lock up on corner entry.

    The Bol D'or is a low production paint livery and in no other way 'special' in the way the Factory Gen II bike is. A Bol D'or has the same cast wheels, Sachs rear shock (which is really a decent shock), and plastic fender/rear hugger/fairing insets/ etcetera as a standard R bike. My understanding has always been that it was produced as an 07.5/08 model. Never heard of an '06. I've read several times there were 200 produced, worldwide I believe?

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    Hi GMas,

    I've been tracking my track-only '06 Factory since 2008.

    The standard bike was just about on par with 600s at the time, so I big-bored it to 1103 in 2009, which put it on par with the lower end of the Jap I4s of the time.

    Many attempts to tune the bike to give more power over the period 2009-2015 led to increased fragility and many mechanical and electrical malfunctions.

    Under the auspices of Griff Woolley at Aprilia Performance (UK), the bike was regressed to standard tune in 2015 and built with a 1060 big bore, PC5, evo airbox and Smaltmoto Ti cans, since when it's not missed a beat.

    That said, at an Aprilia trackday at Donington last month, I have to admit that it can't hold a candle to the straight-line speed of an RSV4 (or any of the contemporary breed of superbikes). But although it's had its day regarding straight-line competitiveness, it can still go round the bends with the best of them and remains, for me, fun to ride.

    BTW, I never got to use the standard slipper clutch on track. Mine's been fitted with a Sigma (mechanical) slipper since 2009.
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