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Thread: Anyone have an RSC (Righteous Stunt Metal) clutch lever on their SXV?

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    Anyone have an RSC (Righteous Stunt Metal) clutch lever on their SXV?

    Iíve had their 2 finger lever on mine since a week after I bought the bike and Iíve never been able to get the clutch adjusted on it properly. The owner of the company says heís sold dozens of these to SXV owners and theyíve all run them just fine on the inner ferule bore (the one that makes it easier to pull) and without the optional perch spacer.

    My issue is when I adjust in the proper amount of free play, the bike shifts like shit and I canít get it in neutral, meaning the clutch isnít disengaging all the way because the lever doesnít provide enough cable throw.

    I just today finished putting a brand new Hinson clutch set up (basket, pressure plate, all of it) and I have the same exact issue. I can only get it to work by using the perch spacer which pushes the lever out from the bars like 1/4 inch and thus provides more cable throw. But like I said, the owner said I shouldnít need that.

    Is anyone else running one of these levers? I really love them as I have one on my DRZ and had the one for the aprilia made custom 2 tone, but itís frustrating not being able to dial it in.

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    So, assuming you’ve got the free play adjusted correctly you could next measure the distance from the lever pivot to the cable end on the lever, then compare it with the OE lever. This will dictate how much cable it pulls, obviously it needs to match the original as best it can to activate the clutch fully.

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    Im not really concerned with that. The owner of the company, who is an honest guy as far as I’m concerned, says he’s sold dozens of these levers to other SXV owners and none of them have had issues like I am. So according to him the lever should work. I just want someone else with the same lever to chime in.

    Unless I have the wrong clutch cable or something and don’t know it.

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