Hey Gang-
Asking for a friend... who, uh, "shows" his bike routinely and wants to "hide" his license plate from prying eyes in the public. Security risk apparently.
He hates taking his plate off for each show, and wanted to know if there was an actual device (pane of glass?) that goes over the license plate and can be toggled remotely between opaque and transparent? He doesn't want it to be a noticeable contraption, cuz that would, uh, take away from his show bike's looks... He's used hinges and cables to remotely operate that, in the past - but that looks a bit naff... surely now-a-days there's a better techy solution?
I just thought I'd seen around the traps such a device, but haven't heard any first-hand feedback on them? Anyone?
Oh, the subject line, is uh, maybe a bit misleading... The product would only be used for shows. Not to obscure the identity of the rider/bike, at all, while doing silly things on public roads. Cuz he doesn't do that. Ever.
We could chat about dash cams, as well - I love 'em.