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I haven't received a recall on my 2013 yet and like you have not had any abnormal brake conditions. I'm presently traveling, I'll look at what I have for clearance this weekend.
My dealer is not far from me, I'll pop in next week and see what they have to say, it might save you along ride for nothing.
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The recall notice states that the front brake master cylinder may not have sufficient ineffective lever stroke.

Aprilia expects us to make an appointment for an inspection first.

If the master cylinder requires replacement, the dealer must submit a claim to obtain a new master cylinder.

We would then need to make another appointment once the part(s) arrive.

My closest dealer is 3+ hours away (one-way), so Iím looking at the possibility of two full days of riding and shop time for this recall.

The master cylinder must be ordered by VIN.

Unlike other manufacturers, Aprilia will not allow a dealer to stock or use parts from stock for this recall.

My understanding (YMMV) is that the inspection consists of checking the gap between the lever and the master cylinder piston.

They are looking for a .2mm gap (again, just my understanding).

My brakes have never given me any cause for concern and there is plenty of lever travel before the front brake starts engaging.

However, there appears to be no gap between the lever and the piston.

I tried my thinnest feeler gauge (.076mm) and could not place it between the lever and the piston.

The end of the lever appears to have a roller, but on further inspection I believe that it is a stationary concentric cam that should allow an adjustment to the gap.

I would like to confirm this with Pete before trying to adjust the gap.

Again, this is just my understanding of this situation and I am open to suggestions and corrections.
I have no clearance on mine and I've not had any problems with my brakes so far, BTW.

I stopped by my local dealer and had them run my VIN, my bike is part of the recall. FYI if you bring your bike in and get it inspected and the master cylinder is faulty per the recall the dealer will not let you ride the bike until it's been fixed, yup that's right, you'll need a ride home!
(Then as stated in other posts) Your dealership can then order the needed part that Piaggio will not let them stock... Good luck everone.