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Thread: Electronics glitching out?

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    Electronics glitching out?

    Do you have the latest firmware update for the dash??
    I was told it is a must do!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FredrikM View Post
    But i cant remember if my dash looked like that.
    I dont think so.

    I think something is wrong and you should look it up, this doesent look normal.
    It doesn't look exactly as pictured, just the lights that are circled flicker when the instance occurs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Birky_D View Post
    Yes my 19 has done this about 4 times in its 5500 miles. My 16 never though.

    I know exactly what you mean. Ride along, go to open up the throttle and then it's like a disco on your dash and all the power keeps cutting. After about 5 seconds it all resumes back to normal

    As for an answer why... No idea. It works normally so I'm not worrying

    I do at times do rolling burn outs, long wheelies etc and have also had the red TC light of doom telling me it's off. This is separate and when I turn off and on a few times it goes back to normal

    Can't help on why it does it op but you're not alone
    At least I'm not the only one...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dial In Racer View Post
    Do you have the latest firmware update for the dash??
    I was told it is a must do!!
    Dash update has been completed.

    Following up on this. Last Friday I had a few hours to go play so I went to my favorite back roads and had a romp.
    Before setting off I did the calibration procedure, shutting the bike off for 60 seconds before heading off. Settings were changed to: TC: 4, ABS: 2, AWC: off.
    I'm happy to report that after many, many wheelies, I had no recurrance of the issue I was experiencing. Exciting!

    But, I went for a long ride on Saturday and had it happen one time. This time, however, I was doing a very long stand up wheelie, clutched up in 3rd gear. After maybe 1/2 a mile it cut power and the front came down (not severely thankfully) and again, the lights that are circled were flickering and power was cutting out. I rolled along for maybe 1 or 2 seconds, the lights went away and all was well for the rest of the ride including more wheelies.

    Does the ABS not like really long wheelies? I know my front tire stopped spinning, they usually do on the really long ones. I like having ABS on and I prefer to keep it on.
    Anyone else do long wheelies? What are your settings?

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