Good evening Aprilia riders

I have a problem with my immobilizer. It started a while back that the light on the dashboard continued to blink the moment I turned the key. now that was over after a few times, but not for long after it got worse and worse. I first thought about wobbling with the cables, that helped a bit (so i thought) so I checked all cables for breaking, bad plugs. I have even soldered an x ​​number of plugs to exclude it. Then I have disconnected the immobilizer to view the soldering, and it was not too good. Now I have soldered the points again, but it didn't get much better. One time I can turn the key and the immobilizer is off (you will hear a click) and the light goes out. And the other time the light keeps flashing that the immobilizer is still active. Now my question is .. What is best for me to try or do? it is that they are so expensive ... I understand all too well that I am not going to get a bypass in such a way that I have just registered on the forum. I hope there is something to fix

Mvg Clemens