2010 Mana Gt
12,000 miles
Recently on a ride the ABS warning on dash came on and also red light on rt side of dash.
Brakes still work fine (not sure if ABS is working or not)
I have taken out both sensors and cleaned .(seem ok)
Sensor rings seem fine .
All fuses ABS and the auxillary are fine.
I took it to my Aprilia dealer and he hooked it up to TEXA and it stated
CAN line to transmission ECU (MEM)
He told me it is probably a corroded connection somewhere and it could take him any where between 10 mins or days to find .
He recommended I get a wiring diagram and take off all the fairing ,dummy tank etc and look at all connections.
I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem.
This could be a frustrating few days when I find the time.
Many thanks