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Thread: Ignition switch ripped out

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    Ignition switch ripped out

    Hi my 2013 mana was stolen on the 4th of July. The police recovered it but the ignition switch has been ripped out. I am trying to figure out how to remove the ignition piece and replace it. Any help would be appreciated!

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    Which part? The security bolts that hold it in place can have a slot ground in them and then be turned out with a screwdriver or drill them and use an easy-out.
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    The shroud round the ignition switch is held in place by the side panels, so these need to be removed first by undoing the screws on either side of the trunk opening and the two inside at the front. If it’s a GT then it’s the old routine of screen off, dashboard out, first, to get at the front mounting screws for the side panels. You should also check the wiring at the plug where the switch attaches to the main loom. A Mana was stolen near me and the switch wiring ripped out in an attempt to start it. In the process the thieves damaged the wiring at the plug so even when the switch wiring was repaired it still wouldn't start as the aerial was disconnected. You will also need the pin code for the bike to perform the key recognition routine on the new switch.
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