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Thread: Warning urgent service on dash

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    Warning urgent service on dash

    2017 rsv4 with 13000 miles whose valves were checked at 8000 miles. At 12000 the small wrench appeared in lower right dash for valve service and so I thought this normal and would have an Aprilia shop reset it. About a mile from my house after a 370 mile day a large red urgent service warning appeared taking up a third of dash then went away pulling into driveway. After restarting didnít see it. Is this simply reminding me to do the 12000 service which was done or perhaps something else?

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    Spanner icon will never cause any warnings or restrict power or something like that...spanner icon is just service reminder and it is linked only to odometer...

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    Maybe a loose battery connection after they cleared the wrench?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WtChocolate View Post
    Maybe a loose battery connection after they cleared the wrench?
    What does a loose battery connection have to do with clearing the wrench icon?
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