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Thread: Help with roller weights and clutch engagement with new exhuast

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    Question Help with roller weights and clutch engagement with new exhuast

    Hello guys , recently put on my new Stage 6 R1200 race exhaust to my scooter , taken it out for a few runs and it totally rips (hard to fit by the way) ive noticed that the roller weights needed is considerably lower that what i have ran on other exhausts . currently running 4g rollers but wasn't sure if that was too light for this kind of exhaust, also the low end is pretty sluggish so im thinking that my clutch engagement isnt set right so was wondering what people are running.
    ive read online that a 5/6k clutch engagement should work better for these sluggish take offs but would like someone to properly help me out that has either had one of these exhausts or knows how to help.
    any advice / help would be much appreciated

    Pic of the new exhaust Click image for larger version. 

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    Not sure about this exhaust specifically, but yes, in general, expansion chamber exhausts puts the new powerband higher and more narrow than the stock exhaust, and thus needs:
    1. Stiffer clutch springs – in order to grab at a higher point, and
    2. Lighter variator rollers – in order to reach higher RPM where the new power-band is.

    Often, these parts are included with the exhaust. Send the shop where you purchased it an email, and/or if they do not know, contact Stage6 directly and ask what is correct for your SR50 (and please report back you experiences to us!).

    For the SR50 Factory (Ditech) Piaggio for example, Red clutch springs (~5000 rpm) + 5.1g rollers are included. (marked as 4,8, but some forum members weighed them and they actually showed 5.1 as opposed to the 5.3 stock rollers). I bought the bike with the ZX and stock springs/rollers, and the bike would bog completely down at first, then shoot forward as a rocket after a few secs when the RPM reached the power-band.

    So having the right CVT setup (rollers, springs) is definitely essential when adding a performance exhaust.
    2006 Aprilia SR50 Factory (Piaggio Purejet C361M)
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