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Thread: Sticky calipers...

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    Sticky calipers...

    I just changed out my front rotors due to a bad pulsing when hot. I noticed that some (most) of the 8 separate pistons are quite difficult to move, and appear to be keeping residual pressure on the pads after the brake lever is released. I've had them off and on half a dozen times trying to free them up by cleaning and forcing them in and out repeatedly, but I think they may need to come apart and be cleaned up. The fluid was quite dirty so I've bled the whole system, hoping that may help. I'm worried about riding it in case I overheat these new rotors and warp them also.... anyway, I'm wondering if anybody has rebuilt their calipers, and if it is difficult? I've done simple kart brakes several times, and it's nothing more than some emery in the bore and a new "O" ring... these Brembos the same?

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    Try brakes. They supplied the kit when I rebuilt my rear caliper. You want to make sure you get the right kit, either the 2 or 4 pad caliper. I replaced the cups, but I'm not sure if they do them for the front calipers. Also the inside of the caliper was anodised so not sure if you would clean it with emery unless it's really gammed up.

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    AF1 sells the Brembo O ring kits (its a KTM equivelant) but only the inner O ring fits since the outer O ring is thinner and Brembo apparently is reluctant to sell rebuild kits due to liability issues. I contacted AF1 about this and was told its the only one they can obtain. First clean the inner caliper w/ soapy water and a tooth brush. To extract the pucks without splitting the cases (don't do this) I used the Motion Pro tool. You can then thoroughly clean the pucks and the recesses for the seals. Hopefully your pucks will not have any pitting or corrosion. Any dirt or crud on the recesses will cause the pucks to bind so carefully scrape it out w/ an Exato knife without gouging the recess. Then use compressed air to clean everything before inserting the seals and pucks using the supplied lube. I looked online and could not find another rebuild kit for these calipers but others may have found one. I re-used the outer seals since they were still in good shape with no abrasions.
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    Are you sure that the system is bled properly? Residual air trapped in the system could expand and cause brake drag as well.
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    There is no residual pressure in the system when the brake is released, providing the master cylinder adjustment is as it should be. So air in the system generally will not cause brakes to drag.
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