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Thread: E-bicycles to motorcycle convergence

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    E-bicycles to motorcycle convergence

    Along with the other e-bikes with very powerful electric motors that have quite a decent range and speed electric motorcycle makers might be in for a run for the money. While they aren't freeway legal what electric motorcycle can run for any decent distance on one anyway?

    The use case of commuting, hassle free local riding and something you can easily stick on a bike rack on the back of your car or even take on many public transit busses and trains for the Long part of commutes fits them perfectly and leaves the e-motorcycle in the dust.

    Just look at the rapid evolution of e-bicycles in recent times and you'll notice they are bridging the gap real fast.
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    If/when I move back to Houston, I'll get one. You can get one pretty high tech for $4-5k. 28 mph. 50-60 mile range if I recall.
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    Just made me think of this:

    Riding KTM Freeride Es in a mountain bike park

    Clearly the major distinction is that an electric motorcycle has a direct throttle, whereas an e-bicycle only has assisted pedaling and is limited in many ways (power, speed). At least here in Yourope.

    In the woods, I don't think I'd like the weight of an electric bicycle, but weight isn't an issue when you've got all that grunt just a twist of the wrist away...
    So I'd certainly eventually want to go electric for my "off road" moto shenanigans, purely because you don't attract quite so much ire from the "bobble-hat brigade".
    I don't even have full suspension on my funtime bicycles, as I prefer the snappiness / involvement / directness, so for that same reason I don't suppose I'll ever go electric there; as time goes by I'll just ride uphill even less than I already do.

    But commuting on an e-bike is definitely a great idea (as long as people are safe doing it); currently my commute is short and I'd personally prefer (need) the exercise.
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    The future is electric, the future is bicycle. The bicycle is the most efficient means of transportation known to humanity, and IT RUNS ON BANANAS!

    So I happen to live near the corporate HQ of one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers (think Tommy Boy...). As it turns out auto manufacturers are talking seriously to BICYCLE manufacturers about purchasing/carrying their product lines. So we'll see, should be interesting nevertheless.
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    I bought a Vintage Electric Tracker limited edition #484 in October of 17, I have around 1800 miles on it. Mine has the inverted front suspension (recommended). My bike has no peddle assist (thumb throttle) It is fun as hell and handles great. I have another set of tires to install now. 3rd rear tire and 2nd front since I bought it. Trying out the schwalbe big apples instead of the fat franks that were on it. Better rolling resistance they claim. I have hit 40mph but it will do the 36 with the (race key) you can opt for easy. I can get up to 30mph in a block approx. I weigh around 210lbs btw.
    I actually lucked out and was able to buy a used one that an owner needed to sell so it came with the warranty direct from VEB. Had a couple minor issues but they took great personal care to get it sorted. Great customer care... check them out.
    Prepare for people’s questions however. I’ve had people chase me down to talk to me about it.
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    There's are quite a few "elderly" cyclists that I ride with who have opted for e-bikes recently. We regularly cover longer distances (+40 miles) on our mountain bikes and because of health issues, some riders were having to drop out of rides until they discovered e-bikes. These machines mean that these friends can once again join us for rides and the social side of each ride (the best bit).

    However, in the UK (and I'd guess probably in the rest of Europe too), e-bikes can only have power assistance up to 15mph - anything over that and they then are no longer e-bikes, but proper "road going. vehicles" subject to all of the same vehicle and licensing rules as motorcycles (taxes, safety checks, insurance, approved crash helmets, appropriatemotor-vehicle licences etc). Granted, many riders buy a compliant e-bike and then bypass the restrictions, but this then makes them just the same as any Motorcyclist who rides unlicensed, uninsured, untaxed, untested etc - not the kind of person you wan to be involved in an accident !

    Personally, when my health deteriorates to the point that I can no longer cover the distances I like to ride without risk, pain or detriment to my health, then I'll definitely be getting an e-bicycle.

    And rather than encouraging city dwelling commuters to use e-motorcycles or electric cars, we should be really pushing the use of e-bicycles/e-bikes, for both health, congestion and environmental benefits.

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    The eBikes I've ridden are limited to 22 mph, either as a "boost" engine on the cranks w/ thumb-rocker control, or pedal-assist. Regardless of top speed or drive they are not regulated or taxed (after purchase). The only restrictions on eBikes I've seen on the N American continent is for public trail access-either paved or otherwise--where they are considered "motor vehicles" and prohibited.
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