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Thread: 2009 running on one cylinder

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    2009 running on one cylinder

    I have had my 09 Tuono for over 2 years with no big problems until... Fired it up and stalls. Start it up and starts running like crap. feels like running on one cylinder and trying to die. Limp it home. Throwing codes 0351 33 which indicate coil. I order a coil from eBay 4 weeks later I try connecting this coil to spark plug and only rear cylinder has spark. So both coils show spark at rear cylinder no spark on front. My question is if it is not the coil what could it be? new spark plugs are in, so not plugs.
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    Test the signal wire for the coils between the coils and the ecu.

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    Just because a sparkplug is new, it doesn’t rule out the possibility that it is defective.
    Have you tried swapping the plugs? Did the new coil pack come with new leads? If not, try swapping them as well.

    And as suggested, you could check the wires going to the coils.
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