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Thread: Not sure whether to go for a S1000RR or a RSV 1100 Factory

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    I can't lie, I absolutely LOVE the new S1000RR! That being said, I also have issues with that bike that prevented me from even considering one. First, availability. I mean, you literally can't find that bike anywhere right now (and for the foreseeable future). Second, the BMW has issues, at least the US versions do. If you did manage to find one you pretty much have to flash the ECU to get rid of the midrange lean spot in some of the gears. Third is price; the new S1000RR is really only available here in the M-Sport package which is around $23,000 and none of the "base" model bikes here in the states are available with anything less than the select and sport packages, ballooning their price up to $20,000 (again, if you can even find one).

    At the end of the day, I would have LOVED to get my hands on a new 2020 S1000RR as my new bike. It has everything that I was looking for in my dream motorcycle (amazing TFT gauge cluster, cruise control, awesome power, amazing styling, etc) but when you can get a brand new 2018 RSV4RR with almost all of that stuff for $15k PLUS the amazing soundtrack, well... Let's just say I'm happy with my choice of bike lol!

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    I rode up to the local BMW dealer recently and parked my 16RF next to the shops demo M Sport RR 2020.
    One of the sales guys was immediately over to see my bike.
    Now my bike isn’t stock by any means but doesn’t matter.’You don’t see one of those everyday’ he said.
    And to be honest,the new M Sport in stock form didn’t look like much(I’d still buy a Kawasaki zx10R before it).

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