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Thread: Harley Ultra Glide - I may never

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    Quote Originally Posted by millietant View Post
    +1 on this....Kiwi GP racer Paul "Loopy" Lewis challenged anyoneone without an ACU (race) licence to race him around some U.K. Tracks on his Harley, riding whatever sports bikes they cared to bring. IIRC he promised to give the Harley to anyone who could beat him. I don't think he ever gave the Harley away - can you remember anything about this FTM (or was I just taken in by some publicity stunt) ?
    I was speaking to him a little while back, he manages a harley dealership here in brisbane. He's an Aussie btw and he was known as angry ant.

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    I have a '13 Night Rod Special. Though not a sportbike, it goes pretty damn good....USD forks, dual front rotors, steel braided brake lines, slipper clutch....I thought about putting mid-foot controls on mine to give me a more upright postition instead of the forward controls.

    It has the water cooled 1250cc engine and good for about 125 hp at the wheel. It is surprisingly nimble even with that big 240 series rear tire.

    I have a Road Glide in my 5 yr future, with hard boxes. What makes the Road Glide, IMO, a much better riding/handing bike is that the front fairing/nose is mounted to the frame, so the handlebars/forks/wheel is all that you're steering...Unlike the Street Glide and the other big fairing HD's whereas the fairings are mounted to the forks. So you're in essence steering aaaaallllll that weight with the handlebars.

    And the wind buffeting into the S-Glides and Utlras fairings are directly fed to the bars and your arms, and wrists and entire body. Whereas the Road Glides' front fairing/nose is not attached to the front fairing/nose.

    I bet if you ever road a Road Glide, the first impression of a big HD would be much different.

    But in the end, we all need 1/2 dozen bikes or more to scratch all the itches..
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    LOL - you're probably about about opinions changing based on the Harley ridden. Unfortunately my main experience is of riding a 1200 Sportster.

    On a day out with friends, riding my FJ 1200, a friend who was riding with on his Sportster offered me a swap for a few miles. Trying to ride full-lean to full-lean corners and faster sweeping-bend roads in the company of sports bikes and sports tourers was an exercise in part dragging, brake fading, bouncing and vibrating futility. I did it (we rode together as a group and never went stupid speed-wise), but it was not enjoyable.

    After 60 miles when we stopped at a fuel station, Alan was laughing himself silly and didn't want to take the Harley back - he told me that what was why it spent most of its time "on-show" at his works office and why he rode his own FJ whenever we all went ou together. He also had a Norvin, which he said was faster and handled a lot better than the Sportster.

    I suppose that's what put me off in the main, but then having a brief ride about 15 years ago on a 2001/2002 full-dress Harley, I experienced riding it as a tourer and while it was much better (and I could understand some of its appeal for that purpose), it still fell well short functionally of what I wanted from a bike on our small, twisty roads.

    Horses for courses, as they say - long straight, gentle touring, I can understand a full-dress Harley. Urban posing, I can understand a stripped down, stoplight Harley, but for 99.9% of my riding, I wouldn't consider one (then again, I wouldn't consider a cruiser of any type really, not just a Harley) over here.

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    Each to there own ,but from my own experiences with Harley's and metric cruisers over the many years here in the uk my view is different as is our choice of what a perfect bike is . I took many cruisers on track days for a laugh and just like my Aprilia srv850 scooter they was more entertaining than a sports directed machine .I used to average 20k a year on my bikes everything from city commuting to tours and just ragging them out in the twisties with my friends .My Dyna fxd 1450 twin cam was probably my favourite Harley overall once I had uprated the springs and brakes .I used to run with the lads on there sports bikes and never found it a problem unless they was doing 140 +speeds where there high revving motors come into there own .Ive owned all genres and built many of my own bitsa bikes and have just purchased a ktm790 duke which I must say is a fantastic bike ,not perfect but has certainly put the fun factor back in to riding on our congested roads why? Well it's completely at the other end of the spectrum to a big cruiser light weight,comfortable, decant suspension and brakes ,fast enough ,economical ,cheap to service ,awesome handling but most of all it's fun a costs less than£8000 new otr .I looked at a new sportster not a lot for your cash and I would have had to spend £3k to make it fit my needs .The fjr1300 is a great machine btw and a bit of a rocket ship .I would however if I had my choice of any bike again it would be a buell uyleeeses but with a modern electronics package abs/tc/slipper and blipper etc .This would give all the hd character from the motor ,good power, good suspension ,and a modern enhanced ride .

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