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Thread: Futura brake rearset

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    Futura brake rearset

    I acquired a 2002 futura that was left for dead. I have since got it running and have turned it into a streetfighter. I am having problems finding a rearset for the right side.Is there anything out there that fits or more preferably does anyone know where I could find a used one?

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    looks like the right side bracket is gone with the wind. Couldn't find a listing for one in the US. Found this

    wonder if one from a Mille or Tuono from that gen might fit?

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    I know 1st gen RSV fits, Mille or Tuono, bolts right up. Pegs end up darn near 2 inches higher, and you'll need longer threads for the shifter and brake m/c turnbuckles, plus a little minor trickery remounting that master. It changes the whole ergos dynamic though, and if you're long-legged, you'll feel like you're on a Guzzi Racer with knees all splayed around the tank. Short legged, like me, it was good; my knees locked right into the tank ledge without tippy-toes.
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