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Thread: R.I.P. RSVRRider (Paul Neves)

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    Sad news, and condolences to ther entire family. I think about what could happen whenever I ride and some idiot pulls out after watching me deaf in the face.

    Quote Originally Posted by photoRotor View Post
    As a military instructor pilot, I really dug into the phenomenon of seeing/doing without registering the action. It's exponentially exacerbated by any distraction.
    If you don't mind, you should start a thread on the topic. I would live to learn more.

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    I feel for his family.

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    RIP Paul, sincere condolences to his family.
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    sucks. I teach every weekend, and suggestions are:
    add extra lights, hands on controls ready to stop on a dime, bright lights when legal, reflective clothing,
    I tell the students, to make motorcycling safer, they recommend training; to make cars safer? They are taking the driver out of the car...

    Sorry for your loss.
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    It is easier to restrict the use of motorcycles and refuse to address the benefits of them by capitalizing on those benefits through better road design and construction than doing anything that resembles accepting the responsibility departments of transportation agencies are funded to do.

    Taking the driver out of the car so to speak won't make the roads safer for motorcycling because that will only lead to highlighting motorcycles as the next transportation related problem to eliminate. If we think collectively that self driving cars won't turn left in front of motorcycles, we are sadly mistaken. What we can expect is that since motorcycles will become the uncontrolled variable that the technology to limit your 200hp bike to travel not one mph faster than the posted speed limit will become a reality within our lifetimes.
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    very sad. rip. i grew up riding and driving on that road. super dangerous because of blind drivers.

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    Godspeed to yet another rider, taken from us well before nature would allow. Sucks. Good thoughts to his family and close friends.
    Diminished expectations is the key to happiness in life.

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