Hi everyone!

I recently bought my first bike, and found an awesome offer for a half-decent, in need of bit of service and repairs, Pegaso 650 1996. I've done a few service repairs and modifications already, as to make the bike "tour-ready" for the future. I'd love to go light-TET'ing and on/off-road touring through Europe the coming years. And this leads me to my next task: I want to build a side rack / pannier rack for my vehicle, as I love doing this stuff myself, and it would save me a lot of money as well compared to buying e.g. the Hepco Becker-set, which runs at > 300 € .

My plead to you other owners is this: Can you please share some pictures of your pannier rack, be it Hepco Becker, others or even better: Self built! It is for the 1996 model, though the 1992-1995 model would be great to see as well, as they are quite similar. The purpose is the for me to draw inspiration on how to route the structure of the side rack along the bike, and support it.

Also, my thought was to do the structure in normal steel (both flat and pipes), and have it powder painted it at a local shop. Would there be anything to consider regarding corrosion on the insides of the piping, or anything else I did not consider regarding material?

If you have any suggestions, or tips on how to proceed, please chip in. In any case, thank you very much for reading!