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Thread: Water spot removal ?

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    Water spot removal ?

    Anyone have a trick for water spot removal on frame and swing arm for these Italian Beauties ?
    Iíve tried
    Soap and water
    Dawn dish soap
    Car wash Soap
    Brake Clean

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    Distilled water. Patience. Distilled water leeches the minerals and will no leave additional water spots.

    Non-distilled water is some of the worst stuff you can use.

    Lots of patience, lots. I've used soft rags ala microfiber soaked in distilled water and just hang them on top things with water spots. Rinse as they start to dry out, repeat. Takes time but the water spots soften and at some point can be wiped away.

    If you are in a hurry, Meguires water spot remover works really well even on clear coated aluminum. The key is not to use any machine unless you know what you're doing and not experimenting. Do small areas and go slow and easy, checking the surface frequently. Stop when it's spotless, not paintless.

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    Vinegar. If you have even the slightest pinhole in the clear coat vinegar will react with aluminum (or magnesium) and unless completely neutralized do some bad things. Ask me how I know. Vinegar is an acid, weak but still an acid. If it drips or gets into a crevace, on fasteners made of zinc it will remain there and start dissolving it.

    If you use vinegar, neutralize it with baking soda mixed with water when you are done or it keeps working. I learned the hard way. Vinegar is great for removing rust, etching copper, dissolving aluminum, dulling your nice clear coat, hardening your soft rubber mounts and grommets, but also great on glass, fogging your instrument covers, and if you drink a shot glass of it, calming your stomach after seeing what it does to something made from magnesium that you had previously touch with bare hands.

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    we use this mixture at bodyshop to clean cars before well.

    2 parts 70% or 90% rubbing alcohol
    1 part clear amonia
    1 part water

    works great around house and to give bike a quick wipe down
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