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Thread: Futura throttle hesitation, hanging idle

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    I can see the TPS mechanically/electrically changing over time requiring a reset to zero, but the ECU is flash memory and that doesn't learn on its own. I don't know a lot about computers (I'm a Mac guy, what do I need to know, lol), but when a file on a thumb drive becomes unreadable or the drive dies altogether, they don't come back on their own.

    I've had this problem pop up over the years as well. Many times, just shutting off the motor and restarting cures it at least temporarily and that's likely the IAC misbehaving for whatever reason. But if that didn't work, there was always something mechanical - like a leaking hose somewhere or the throttle plates sticking inside the TBs.

    My original 02 map has never seen a computer hook-up and 99% of the time, the thing still runs great..

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAS View Post
    I don't think the ECU will learn anything - on its own w/o telling it thru Tune ECU or other software.

    My bike has done this a couple times over the 16 years I've owned it and it was always something mechanical that could be fixed by cleaning, lubing or changing out tubing.

    Make sure the throttle plates are closing completely - clean the bores of any gum that's built up around the throat of the TBs where they seat.

    Lube the throttle cables and clean/lightly lube the return spring assembly at the front of the throttle body assembly

    Has anyone ever messed with the throttle stop screw on this bike? It's really something that should not be touched.

    Have you tested the one way poppet valves in the vacuum lines?
    Hello RAS! Been in orbit this past year, essentially buried in work. Yes, I have tinkered with the throttle stop on this machine. The purpose of the throttle stop is to protect the butterfly valves in all designs that employ auxiliary idle air control. When the throttle is snapped shut, this prevents the butterflies from interference with the bore.

    In normal operation, a wee bit of carbon on the butterflies is the only interference you'll deal with, a continuously renewed buffer of sorts. With the throttle bore and butterfly cleaned, the setscrew is adjusted to the point where it makes contact instead of the butterfly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by zag07 View Post
    And now ?? Have to pray ? I think it will be one way to check valves clearance ?? Or try another ECU again ? First I will let my buddy ride a good pair of kms
    Good news for my buddy, I found a used ECU on ebay in Netherland , I replace it and all pb were fixed , the fut run as it is new

    How explain that ??? It is the second ECU I fit on this bike , the third if I count the OE one !

    When I get time I' try this "bad" ECU on one of my fut .

    To be continued

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    ECU could be damaged by a nigher voltage, some moisture or a hot external temp. Someone disassembled ECU? Does it have electrolytic capacitors? They should be replaced by a new one, like in a dashboard too.
    English is not my native language, so please be kind to my mistakes.

    Remember, this is an Italian bike with an Austrian motor, it isn't like the GSXR you use to own...

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