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Thread: arrow full exhaust

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    arrow full exhaust

    The guys at AF1 are trying to figure out what happened but wondering if anyone else has ever had this issue. Bought a full arrow system with the tri oval end can and after installing the main pipe, the orientation for the end can is literally upside down which puts the logo on the tire side upside down and the end can pointing up. Either the end can was assembled incorrectly or the flange on the main pipe was welded wrong. Very odd. Here is a short video sowing what is going on. I did have to send the end can back to AF1 initially to get the bolts pulled out slightly as they were too short to even mount the can and they took care of that and sent it back super fast!!! Now bummed about this. Wondering if maybe the end of the can that has the bolts is removable and can rotate? Didnt check to see if that end is riveted, everything else is I know. The AF1 guys are first class and are contacting arrow to see whats up.
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    You have the Old style front pipe Arrow Part # 51512SU and the new shape silencer Arrow Part Number 51600SU and as you have found out they dont match.

    No bad welding just 2 diffrent parts. The front pipe you need is Arrow Part # 51101SU Front Pipe

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    Thanks! Just talked to Randy at AF1 and he had figured it out. They are taking care of it! Good people! Thanks again!

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