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Thread: Bar End specs??

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    Bar End specs??

    Looked all over the forum for this and couldn't find the info.

    Does anyone know the thread spec of the insert that is in the bar end? Guessing mine is the same as everyone else's, but there's the handlebar which has a threaded end (which I believe is M18), but in the end there is and insert which itself has much smaller threaded hole - 3/4/5mm ish I would think. Does anyone know the exact size/pitch of this smaller hole? Trying to get some bolts to fit some bar end mirrors. Also, does the insert have a set depth or does the hole go straight through?

    To that end, does anyone know what the wing mirror hole thread specs are too? I'll need some blanking plugs.


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    Get yourself some thread gauges. Indispensable, surprisingly fool proof, empowering.

    The diameter can be found by poking bolts in. I'm sure the bar ends will be the standard metric thread (as opposed to "fine" or "coarse" etc.), so a standard metric bolt of the correct diameter will thread right in - I would guess M6 personally. If you don't have spares to try, there are some on the bike...

    As for depth / length, thread a long bolt in and measure the difference.
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