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Thread: Sportcity 125 swap to 200

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    Sportcity 125 swap to 200

    Hi guys,

    What would be the best way to tune the 125?

    Am I correct in thinking that if I just swap cylinder with a 200 I should make easily few extra hp?

    What would you do for best bangs for bucks?

    Thank you

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    The easy way, would be selling that 125, and buying a 200 or 250.....
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    You would also rejet the carburetor at a minimum and put slightly heavier rollers in the variator. The metering rod on the carburetor slide will likely need adjusting also.

    Easiest and best would be to just keep an eye out for a SportCity, Scarabeo or BV 250 and trade the 125 in.

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