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Thread: Exhaust options for Mille R

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    Hey there, been reading the shotgun posts and wanted to know if there was any significant increase of horsepower? Thanks!

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    If the single shotgun was that bad on boots it's surprising there're no posts of cutting the straight out and putting a bend in... challenge accepted!
    I think long bike histories take up too much space to copy on every post

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    I would say Yes more power but only when coupled with a decent eprom
    please get in touch if you would like a modded collector,adjustable lock-stops or quick release tank and seat pins

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    most of GenI tuning solutions, with same-bike / same-dyno charts, are covered in this thread:
    Aprilia bikes ECU tuning and reflashes since 2004!
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    in other words arrow single can wins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocketnz View Post
    in other words arrow single can wins.
    I have an '00 Mille R with Leo Vinci CF single can with a Wolf chip. Very torquey and sounds wonderful. Great for the street and not super-loud. Not max HP at high RPM so probably not the best track day setup, but I've had mine on for 20,000 miles and 20 years now. Still pretty sweet. I tried just cutting the wire and tried another type of chip...can't remember the name, The Wolf chip was more fun. It runs a bit rich, especially when it's cold, but things make sense after a few miles. Great bike. I've bought and sold many others and kept this one.

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