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Thread: Rear brake reservoir overheats

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    Rear brake reservoir overheats

    Laat weekend I went driving home true the city, a 30 minute ride.
    at he end of the ride I noticed that my rear brake was not doing anything when I pressed it.
    upon inspection at home I noticed that the caliper was cold but the reservoir was to hot to touch and the surrounding frame was hot as well.
    Anyone else got this before?

    Air temperatures where between 25 and 30 degrees.
    bike is a 550 with silmoto exhaust.

    My guess is that the frame is getting hot from the silmoto exhaust close behind it and as the brake reservoir is bolted onto the frame it takes the heat up as well.

    Going to try a nylon washer between the back of the frame and the reservoir and between the front of the frame and the bolt head.
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    Show us the critical aria with a photo ... so we can take a look.

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