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Thread: considering a RSV4 as a track bike. years, problems, and advice please

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    Quote Originally Posted by heuveltje View Post
    Is the difference in horsepower that big between a 2013 factory and a 2015-2018 bike?

    Also I've noticed the position on the newer models is different (2011 vs 2017 model), the old version is more on top of the bike and a 2017 is more "in" the bike. I don't know if this is the same for 2015/2016 bike.
    Yes. There really is a massive difference between the old bike and all the new superbikes (including the RSV4). You honestly can’t race one in superstock trim against the new bikes and have any chance (assuming riders are equally talented and suspension is well set up on both bikes plus tyres are the same etc etc).

    Cant really comment on the position sorry, mine have always been set up the same ergonomically.

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    Can somebody else tell something about the difference in riding position?

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