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Thread: Radial master cylinder,

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    Radial master cylinder,

    Is there a radial master cylinder available that would improve the stopping power, ? Using Std discs and red brembo pads at the moment, looking to improve on that . Thanks

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    I would say no.
    Its more of a feel thing a radial pump can help with.
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    Biggest 'stopping power' improvement for my Fut was Brembo SC compound pads. (From Carpimoto)
    Also have braided lines, radial master, & aftermarket rotors.
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    "Stopping power" is relative.
    Will a radial m.c provide more?
    No. Either will stoppie that bike.

    But a good radial unit--like Deefred's (and mine) Duc 999 unit, especially combined with Brembo 4-pad calipers--will shift and accelerate that stopping power.

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