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Thread: How to check the lubrication system?

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    How to check the lubrication system?

    Hi to all,

    I blew up my engine a few weeks ago, 30 min after full rebuild. All indicates a lubrucation prblem. How do I know if my lubrication system is working properly?
    I changed all the oil seals between gearbox and the drive shaft, including the oil pump seal. There were perfectly hermetic.
    The front conrod bearing was smashed and there were copper fragment all inside the engine, even inside the pump rotors. Luckily the cylinders and pistons survived but after 30 min of use the sides were the piston skirt is located are a bit like a mirror, polished.
    Anyway, the first thing I want to do is to clean all the oil system, how is the procedure?
    P.D: I used motul 300V 10w60, and the engine didnt rise over 95 , with 30 aie temp.

    Thanks for your help

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    A lubrication problem (defects in the oil delivery) shows way before 30 minutes.
    If it's just one bearing it's probably out of spec Conrod/crank or wrong clearances.
    Oil starvation would show as wear/scoring on all bearings.

    Pay attention to both pumps and it's housing, oil seal in generator cover, o-rings on feed and return lines (aluminium pipes) and the pressure release valve.

    When it's ready for startup, measure oil pressure with gauge to confirm it's good.

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