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Thread: SX 50 in NYC: Questions about daily driving

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    SX 50 in NYC: Questions about daily driving

    Hey guys, after getting enough content on youtube of the SX 50 I thought I would join the Aprilia Forum. iM about to turn 16 and am looking forward to buying a sx 50 when I do. Is this a good bike to use daily and if not please inform me so. Since I am not home atm I am unable to go to my local aprilia dealer so i have no clue what the price of the sx 50 is. Any info about it would be great. Furthermore, i was wondering if any owners could tell me what the best after market exhaust is.

    Lastly how does one go about deristricting a sx 50 and what is the top speed if done correctly.

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    From what I can tell, the SX50 is only available in Europe and not North America. Here's what's available in North America:

    If you can get one ordered in though, definitely mention it on here as I really want a Tuono 125!

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    Cool Derbi Senda

    If you keep your eye on Craig's list eventually you'll see a Derbi Senda for sale. The Aprilia is based on the Derbi. They basically just put different stickers on the Derbi, and call it an Aprilia.

    The Sendas were sold in the States up to and including 2005. There were many of the 2003 bikes sold in the States, and they are by far the easiest to find. If you want to update the look you can get one of the older bikes, and then source some newer parts from Europe.

    But make sure to write to and call Piaggio (Derbi and Aprilia's parent company), and tell them you would like to buy these bikes on this continent (that goes for you too Joe!).

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