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Thread: Bike wont start anymore

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    So here's what happened: I switched the exhaust back to original aprilia's own exhaust aswell as tightened the area where the engine and exhaust meet (collector) and then it just died in 5min. I cant remember it making any specific sound. When i took the spark plug off, there was smoke coming out and the engine was quite warm after so little riding. It wasn't as loud as before. I switched the spark plug but nothing. It lost a lot of power and was running lean with lower idle rpm. Earlier i could do 50kmh on first gear and now i had to be on third. Now it has the exhaust i always had aswell as 162 main jet and 2 rounds looser air screw but still wont start. It doesn't leak oil anymore though. I don't think the piston died so fast but i will keep my options open. Spark plug isn't getting a spark anymore either. I checked the relay which had over 100ohms but didn't click, aswell as spark plug coil and wire. Any ideas please? Thanks!
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