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Thread: 750, 900, 1200 Exhaust differences

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    750, 900, 1200 Exhaust differences

    Hi everyone,

    New to the forum. I have a DD1200, and I'm struggling to get aftermarket exhausts. I've got my eye on either an Arrow exhaust or a Leo Vince exhaust. But all the places like ebay and other online stores say they only fit the 750 or 900. Why? What's the difference? Surely the Y connector is the same?

    Can it not be made to fit?

    Any advise on what to do here will be awesome. Thanks!

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    The exhaust setups are significantly different. Check the parts diagrams:


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    The stock Y-pipe outlets on the 1200 are 54 mm, so any slipons need to be that size too - bear in mind the graphite gaskets are 60 mm OD, which would presumably match the ID of the stock cans.

    I think my Akra cans are 54 mm (going by the baffle size, and "straight through" construction), but the Arrow cans for the 750s are only 45 mm (same as the headers / primaries).
    Because kits for the 750s need to supply a Y-pipe as well as cans, they can clearly differ in their dimensions.

    Some 1200 kits have an included Y-pipe, too; probably because the stock one appears to be the cheapo stainless that develops a nasty scale easily; possibly also because of the use of gaskets on the stock item; and the fact that the cats are in the cans, too.

    Here's the picture AF1 had on their listing for the 1200's Arrow exhaust:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's possible it differs from the stock pipe dimensions. But note the (probably machined) slip fit between the Y-pipe and the cans, and the catalyst cores in the Y-pipe.

    The 900 exhaust is ostensibly the same as the 750's, barring the O2 sensor locations, outlet shapes and body / trim fixings.
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    Check out RoadsItalia - they're the budget friendly option, but I have a set of the Carbon slip-ons and they look, feel & sound fantastic. At 400 delivered (to the UK) they're very good value.

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    Hey iamchrisdk,
    I just posted this on another thread, but I have just fitted Mivv cans to my 1200.
    Got them from eBay out of Italy for about $1100 Australian. That's for the black carbon look ones. Had no issues fitting them and they sound great!

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