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Thread: Number of triggers on the RST speed sensor

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    Number of triggers on the RST speed sensor

    I was hoping someone on here has knowledge of the number of nodes the Futura uses for the speed sensor to read and compute the mph?
    My Capo flashed back to Euro Futura ROM and I was hoping to devise a work around so another flash doesn't cripple the speedo.
    The Capo reads the bolt heads holding the rear disk on and I was going to add a thin stainless steel disk under the bolts with added metal studs to match the Futura node count. A shim of the same thickness would be added under the speed sensor itself to adjust the spacing.
    Thanks ahead of time for your help.


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    32 nodes per wheel revolution.
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    You could reflash it with a right Capo values.
    Look here
    English is not my native language, so please be kind to my mistakes.

    Remember, this is an Italian bike with an Austrian motor, it isn't like the GSXR you use to own...

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    That link is in Russian which I am not fluent in.


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    Thank you Deefred. That is an outstanding little bit of data to have.
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