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Thread: 03 Atlantic 500 no spark

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    03 Atlantic 500 no spark

    hello to everyone, I have an 03 Atlantic 500. The bike was running great. I needed to charge the battery. I use a balance battery charger. When the charge was completed I tried to start the bike and noticed the EFI was not on. The bike turns over but no start. I sprayed starting fluid in intake and still no start. I pulled the plug out to check for spark was none. Any suggestions. thanks.. Huntly

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    Voltage regulator? Battery must be totally charged. If totally charged it could be the vr.
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    there is no way to start the engine without a good full battery

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    Did you disconnect the battery before connecting the Pulse/Balancing Charger? The high frequency pulses can damage electronics such as the Immobilizer and ECU. First though be doubly certain that you did not reverse charge the battery by mistake. When a battery is extremely low polarity sensing chargers may not always get it correct and can reverse things on you so double check polarity then check the inline fuse on the battery cable and that the dash and fuel pump powers up when you turn on the key. Also verify that the kill switch is not tripped.

    That the starter is turning is a good sign though it could be spinning in reverse so still check things in order including the main and all the other fuses.

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