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Thread: Shiver shutting down when in bad mood

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    Shiver shutting down when in bad mood

    Hi guys,

    I'm struggling with an issue on my Aprilia Shiver 750 year 2007.

    Basically, when in normal working temperature the bike turns off when idling.

    For example I take it in the morning, I turn it on and start driving. After a while, while everything looks fine, if I stop (e.g. traffic light) or I'm using the clutch (e.g. I'm going slow in the traffic), the bike turns off. Most of the time I'm able to start it.
    But sometimes the "SERVICE" signal appears with the warning light and In that case the bike doesn't start; I would need to wait a bit (sometimes a few minutes) to be able to start it again. At the next power on the warning light goes off by itself.

    I thought it was because of the spark plugs, but today I changed them and still I got the same problem after some driving.

    Do you have any idea what can I check next or is it just bad mood?


    PS I just ordered the cables to connect with my PC to the control unit, so that right now I can't check what the SERVICE and warning light mean.

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    Reading the codes should tell you where to look.

    Otherwise, unfortunately (e.g. if it's heat getting to a sensor) it could be anything! Check the obvious things like fluid levels, battery voltage and fuel tank breather pipes etc. Look for signs of damage, particularly on wiring / connectors.
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    Air filter?
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    I have a similar problem but no light only on Idle it sometimes shuts down ,I am not sure it sounds like a sensor is failing you could also try this forum there is another one German if my memory is good they helped me a lot ,the guzi diag will give you the errors that are stored it's a great help.

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    I wonder if its the sidestand / gear position / clutch lever interlock. If it shuts down promptly, like pushing the kill switch, this is what I would look for. Start with the microswitch on the sidestand.
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    On my bike when this happens it's a fault in the accelerator handlebar twist sensor thing. Usually restarting the bike makes it go away for awhile

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