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Thread: Found an 8k mile 15bhp RS 125, but it's been sitting for 7 years...

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    Found an 8k mile 15bhp RS 125, but it's been sitting for 7 years...

    Will it need a rebuild ? The guy says he rode it every so often and that it runs fine now but needs something to be cleaned (he is doesn't speak english so we had a tough time communicating).

    It is the low-power version and needs—at least—new tires.

    So that's 200eur for tires...

    How much does it cost to derestrict ?

    How can I tell if it needs a rebuild ? How much should I pay for it ?

    Any advice much appreciated! !!!
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    Brakes would be a good start although a Manual is always an excellent way to obtain knowledge all the things you seek can be found by searching.

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    yea, agreed, brake lines and fuel lines, also check fork seals. If it were stored well, the engine should be fine, given that it has been turned over a few times every year

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