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Thread: Pegaso 650 IE Piston rings gap.

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    Pegaso 650 IE Piston rings gap.

    I cant seem to find in the manual what piston rings gap should be , right now its 0,45 , is it a lot , or OK ?

    Im doing an engine rebuild , and it made me think is it possible to to a cylinder boring , like they do on car engines and set new piston and rings into cylinder ? Is that even possible , cause i cant seem to find any larger diameter pistons on sale if i decide to bore trough cylinder.
    Current piston is 99,97mm and bike is from 2003.

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    The manuals don't give a a target ring end gap, only a wear limit of 1.0mm. A good target figure for this type of bike is typically in the region of 0.004" to 0.005" per inch of bore... so something like 0.40mm to 0.50mm if you convert into metric. In other words, your 0.45mm is probably ideal.

    I've never considered over-boring the cylinder. For sure it will be possible if you can find a suitable piston, but I doubt it will be easy, and I know it will be expensive. I remember there was a Rotax tuning specialist in Germany who did this type of work some years ago. If you can find them they may be able to help. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the company.

    Cheers... Paul

    Edit: I found it. Team Pami... Super expensive if you get them to do the work for you

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