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Thread: Lft head lite selector/voltage

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    Lft head lite selector/voltage

    I just found yesterday I was having some charging trouble on my AA500. I had replaced the VR after buying the scoot. The dash volt meter has never worked right showing 12.5 volts most of the time. But my meter says 13.7+.
    But yesterday my meter says 13.5 at idle but 12+ at 4000 rpm....what the?
    So I came to this forum, and read about someone replacing the head lite bulb for a like problem. Something I would never thought of doing. I got to the head lite but couldn't get my man size hand on the bulb holder.
    Next I thought Ill see if the low beam bulb goes out with the high beams on. So it does by using the dimmer sw.,LH selector sw. Funny thing, every thing started to work better just by flipping the switch back and forth a few times. Now the bike gage shows over 13.7 volts now...never did. My meter says its charging over 13.7+ volts now at 4-5000 rpm. I bought the scoot in Seattle where lots of salt air resides. Possible the switch has some funk build up. So I found one on ebay new for $44 free ship, course I bought it. Everyone else $90-95. I don't use high beam on any of my 3 bikes. Some people do.

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    Yeah its possible that the switch is full of salt dust and other things, so you can blast it with WD40 and work it a bit and blast it again. Many times that fixes it, but like you sed new is new. Also the bulb problem is a often overlooked problem, and many people just go for windings and voltage regulators and change parts blindly, but in fact every little part of the wiering system is important and has to be considured.

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