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Thread: 2000 peg surge at event throttle

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    2000 peg surge at event throttle

    Hey all,

    I have had issues with my bike surging at low rpms when in gear. Idle seems fine and higher revs seems fine. Acceleration is good and the bike does not stall. Recently re jetted the carbs and they were cleaned well. The bike did this before also. Actually, the bike has always done this since I have owned it (4 years).

    The only time that it seemed to be better was with a new chain. This lead me to believe that the chain had stretched in spots causing the ‘surge’. The chain has got some miles on it again but, there is a chance that I just wanted it to be better with a new chain and purposefully did not notice it anymore.

    So I am second guessing this chain idea now that I have been making sure that this bike is well tuned.

    Any ideas on spark or fuel issues that might cause this. Has anyone else had this issue? Or is this just one of the issues with this carb setup?

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    A guess... is this happening typically at low road speed, low engine speed, something like 30mph/3000rpm? Third gear?

    If yes, then unfortunately that's normal. The cause is a crappy ignition advance curve with a big step apparent around this engine speed, which only really becomes obvious at light load when you hover around the step. The solution is to fit another type of ignition system, or simply ride around the problem (change to second gear and spin the engine faster, or ride at a different speed). I've done both. Honestly, it's not really worth the effort of building a new ignition system.

    Call it character.

    Cheers... Paul

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    Ahhh. That makes sense. It is only low revs at low speeds. I was beginning to wonder if something had gone wrong in the carb re jetting and rebuilt. Also replaced the resistor in the plug cap with a solid copper wire in hopes that this would get better.

    The bike does fine otherwise. Just came back from a Royal Enfield event in San Jose and the bike ride really well.

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    me too, it were better using inyector cleaner.
    Test if the water hose of the gas depot is draining water accumulated in the cap correctly, water may be the cause of these pulls.

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