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Thread: Bike runs but ALL electrics are off!

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    Bike runs but ALL electrics are off!

    Hi guys
    New Tuono 03 owner here. Long time reader, first time poster, and for good reason:
    The bike starts and runs fine, but NONE of the electrical components work. Headlights, screens and controls, signals, horn, brake lights.. Nothing, no exception. Which makes it weird that the bike starts and runs..

    Is there some main fuse or something that provides for all electrics of the bike? Any qualified guess?
    Searched around the forum but didnt find this specific issue..

    Thanks in advance

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    Are all the fuses installed in fuseblock beside headlight? Power to that fuse block?
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    try turning the bars and squeezing the ignition barrel pigtail for a broken wire.
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    sounds like the bike wants to hit the race track and you need to take a hint!


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    There are fuses under the seat as well. These bikes will run with the dash panel completely disconnected so that part of it is not unusual. Check and/or replace all fuses.
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