Hi guys Iíve got a am6 form rs50 ovs haha,itís got
airsal 77cc twin ring under 2k miles
carbon reeds
motofirce crank
polini main bearings and seals
21mm tnt carb (not sure if itís included yet)
gaskets for everything head side cover ect
had 2 clutches one racing one ďsportĒwhich will come with the engine some life left
had water pump rebuild
Arrow ďraceĒ pipe only used since feb till start of June so still in good condition
some other random spares aswell will come with it just testing the water atm make me a offer what u think itís worth engine is pretty quick ish did 70 on the daily and 77mph top speed I also have all Receipts to prove again always ran with good oil (shell advanced ultra)

thanks Matthew